Friday, December 30, 2011

Chanel inspired dress

At least one of my planned projects from earlier this 
autumn is moving forward...the dress from Burda nr 10/2011. 
I will not do the collar, and I will not open up the pleats as the instructions say, but otherwise it should hopefully look as it does on the picture when ready.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back in my sewing room
It was a lovely week in Sweden, although I can not 
really say it looked and felt like winter....

Now it is nice to be back in Switzerland, ready to take on new projects (and finish of old ones). I did get some work done with my knitting, although I did not get it ready. Guess I have to speed up at bit, otherwise winter will be over....maybe it doesn't matter if it gets ready, since it is not really cold enough outside (unless I decide to travel to the alps for some skiing).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

No more sewing before christmas...
Planned to maybe finish off a skirt today,  but I had to do a few other things first....and suddenly that happened what often happens - the day was over. I guess the skirt will be hanging on my blue friend until the 29th of December ,when I am back in Switzerland again. 
Luckily my boss decided that our office will be closed over christmas and new year so I do not have to go to work until the 3rd of January 2012.

Well, well I guess the skirt I finished off for last christmas will work well this year as well. 

And I have of course the Mrs Santa Claus dress that I 
finished last weekend, and for which I found something 
nice to wear around my neck - adding even more color. 
I bought the scarf some years ago in Dubai, and I have 
never used has been hanging in my sewing room 
since then, looking nice. Now it will actually be useful, 
which is great.

So, what will I do for a whole week in Sweden, 
without my sewing machine? 
Well, although I did not find yarn for a sweater yet - 
I did find a nice blue one to make something warm 
for my neck. This way I will keep my hands busy at 
least part of the time...

With only three days left until my flight take off for Sweden I am wondering how the weather will be - will it be as much snow as last year?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A dress for Mrs Santa Claus...

Since some time I had a piece of red, crushed velvet on my shelf - not of very high quality and probably not really meant for clothing - but in a great colour that I just could not resist. I had no idea what I would eventually do with it - but some fabric earns its place on the shelf just because it is nice to look at. 
When I passed through one of the shops in Zurich I saw that they were selling "christmas underwear" in red velvet and I got a bit inspired....then I thought - why not make a red dress for christmas?  Maybe I can even find some white fake fur to decorate it with? 

I found an old pattern that I thought could be 
useful - I remembered however from the last 
time I used it that the fit was not really perfect, 
so I decided to pull together the fabric a bit, 
enhancing the empire line somewhat. 

I am pretty happy with the result (although the colour really looks better in real life). Now I just have to find that white fake fur also...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Updating an old jacket

In Burda style number 2/2011 (at least german version) they had instructions for what you can do with an old jacket that needs some updating - remove the arms!

During a recent cleanout of my wardrobe I 
realized that this would be the perfect 
renovation for an old jacket from H&M that
I did not use a lot, so I went ahead - and the 
result turned out pretty OK, I am actually 
using it again.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

No seewing this weekend...

Since I was away in Vienna over the weekend 
due to work there was no time to sew, and my 
plan to find material for a knitted sweater did 
not work out...however, I did find other stuff...
A very nice winter coat that I have could be even 
better with more interesting buttons, so I went 
to "Wiener Knopfköning" (sorry, link is not 
working), and found some nice ones.

When checking on the web I also realized that the Komolka store, which I visited a few weeks ago, had very nice stuff on sale, so I decided to stock up on lining fabric - and for a third of the price I normally pay which is always nice.