Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pressing a jacket
OK, so here is the next tutorial from Thomas Mahon at englishcut - how to press a jacket. Great instructions, I am getting addicted...think I have to have a go at it right now! (Why is the man in the house suddenly looking so nervous?)

I was wondering where I could get my hands on a sleeve board like that, I only have one that is much smaller in size, but I found a place to order one - sew true - so know I only have to find out how to get it shipped to Switzerland...the only places you could tick off for shipments were in the US and Canada...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chanel in the spring
Just a few days ago it was -10 degrees Celcius, and I really did not think that spring was going to show up any time now. Walking through Zurich late this afternoon though made me think - maybe! The temperature was around 1-2 degrees Celcius again, and the snow was almost gone already (luckily the snow in the mountains is still there).
Maybe the cold will come back again for a while but it will get warmer and lighter - which will be perfect conditions for wearing the Chanel inspired dress just finished.
Although difficult to see, the fabric is blue - almost black - with thin stripes in purple and orange. Might sound a bit strange, but the stripes are very thin so it works well. 

Decided not to put any lining in the sleeves, we will see how that works out. Added a couple of buttons, for no other reason than looking nice.

Details of the pleats, which were not opened as planned, but left closed - think this looks nicer.

The last detail for the zipper in the back - not really Chanel, but fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trouser pressing
It is not like I didn't know that there were a lot of interesting stuff to see on Youtube...I have been using it a lot during the last years, but mainly to find music. Now I have realized that there are more out there for people like me - like really good tutorials on how to press a pair of trousers  for example! I can't wait to see the next video - how to press a jacket.

If you want to read more from this guy - Thomas Mahon - go to englishcut - savile row

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treasure in the basement
Last weekend I went down to the basement to get a few things, and my eyes fell - like so many times before - on a dress that I made somewhere around 1994 I think. I was invited to a big party and the dress code was "Gala" - so I had to come up with something interesting...

 I found this pattern which is basically a knee length dress, and on top of that a long skirt, open in the front.

I was very proud of my dress when I finally got it ready, and although it has now been hanging in different basements (about 15 since I have moved a lot) and has not been ironed for a very long time I still love the fabric and the colours.
The big question is only - how on earth did I get into it? I can not remember ever being such a small size.....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

In between project
So - did I finish off the dress that I have 
hanging in my sewing room since some 
time now?

No, of course not - although I really want 
to finish it, I still decided to go for an in- 
between project - a pair of trousers for the 
man in the house. (Funny how easy it is to 
get excited over new projects and how 
difficult it sometimes is to finish of old ones...)

I have had the fabric lying around since we 
visited the nephew in Boston last october - 
it is a lovely, soft kind of tartan fabric (yes, 
he likes this kind of fabric almost as much 
as I do). I found the fabric at 
Winmil fabric, Boston MA 

Although they are basically meant to be worn as pajama pants they pattern of course still has to fit - being somewhat obsessive about this I am not happy until the squares are well aligned. This turned out to be easy - I did not even have to tack the fabric together  - it stayed perfectly in place with needles only. And here is the result:

So far the partner seems happy - he is wearing them as I write this :-)