Sunday, April 28, 2013

Re-organizing the sewing room
Got inspired and decided to improve the sewing room by moving around some furniture - very happy with the result.

It even inspired me to finish of 2 dresses:
This one got the last detail added
And this one, that I started back last summer, was finalised as well. 

I am not absolutely convinced that it  will be as comfortable as I would like, since the linen fabric is a bit "stiff" - but I guess I will only know that if I start to wear it. 

I am still considering to add one small detail, have not decided yet....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring has finally arrived
Or actually - it seems that we might skip spring this year and go directly for summer. This week started with winterboots and ended with flip flops - so there had to be a quick tour to the basement to get some clothes that can actually be worn in this heat.

When visiting Paris a few weeks ago a few nice linen fabrics were found, but I guess I am supposed to finish off the winter dresses first?
At least with this one I am slowly getting there, just a few details left.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to work
Easter is over for this time and it is time to get back to work. Had a couple of nice, relaxing days with my parents who left a cold Sweden for a cold Switzerland....but at least we had sunny weather on the day when we took the Bernina Express through the Swiss mountains:

We also made a trip to Zurich, where we started off having a coffee in the highest building in Switzerland, the Prime Tower:

The trip ended with a trip to the Kunsthaus, where you can see an exhibition with Marc Chagall until the 12th of May 2013.