Saturday, November 30, 2013

40's jacket - work continues

Work continues with the 40's jacket - first thing to do is to make it somewhat less broad shouldered. This means opening up the lining - which has to be done anyway since it does not really look good and has been repaired previously, I guess by someone who really did not know what he/she was doing....

The new armhole was marked up and the arm was moved.

Result looks pretty OK. Now I just have to decide how much of the lining I actually want to replace...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Getting into sewing mode again

Ah, finally - a whole weekend to spend on my different projects!
As part of the project "finding the best trouser pattern" I finished off these ones - and they are not bad, will use this one again. It is an old pattern but it still works well.

Next project will most likely be the 40's jacket, found in New York. It only really needs to have the lining exchanged so it should not take to long.

To be inspired it is really necessary to play good music - right now this is a good one: