Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer holiday
Time for the yearly couple of weeks on a swedish island, it can sometimes look like this....

I should not complain though, most of the days have been lovely so far, with lots of sun. 
The only bad thing is that there is no sewing machine available here...

So what do you do? Well, read books, go for walks, listen to all the podcasts that you have downloaded but never took the time for - and visit little antique shops!
There is a little shop just next to the food store that we usually go to, and this time they had got their hands on some old cotton pieces - like this coat (or whatever to call it) here. 

The woman in the shop thought it would be great as a painters coat, but I guess to call it a tailors coat will work just as well.

There are a couple of small holes, but they can be left as they are or covered by some decorative piece, like a small white flower - will see what I can find in the fabric store when I am back home.

All of the pieces come from the same place, and they all have the initials S.R on them. They are thought to be from around 1898-1900.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Linen fabric for trousers
Just started to make 2 pair of trousers, using a pattern I think must be 25 years old at least...

Didn't have so much time lately, bought a lot of good books instead - especially this one from swedish fashion journalist Sofia Hedström.

Very inspiring reading - the best idea I got from the book was to make one of my partners shirts into a skirt...but more on that later!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summerdress ready to be used
Whenever the sun returns - the dress is ready!