Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time to finish off the clothes for winter
At the moment we have 15 degrees and sun during the day - so it is really time to finish off things to be worn mainly when it is cold.
The last skirt for this season is in a tartan fabric - again (no, I never get tired of tartans)- bought by the man in the house when he went to Scotland some time ago. I used a pattern that I have tried once already, making a black wool skirt at the time
The pattern was found in Burda nr 10, 2008.
I guess you can say that if the black one is more discreet - with the new one I might be more noticed!
 Details of pleats, back and front

 Side without zipper
 Side with zipper

Inside with blue lining.
I am sure it will still be cold enough to wear it for a few months, long enough to work on the summer wardrobe - cotton and linen, it is time for you now!

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