Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time  for pants 2
I got my Marlene pants ready for Barcelona! And not just that, they were ready 4 weeks in advance - not really sure how that happened...

The pattern was of course pretty easy, and since I removed the pockets and moved the zipper to the side (which makes it quicker to sew) work went really smooth. 

I have plans to wear some nice, large belts with the trousers so I made the belt loops large...9 cm.

 In order to make it symmetrical I added a button on the left side as well, although it has no function at all...
Front side of trousers, with small pleats - when I do trousers with this pattern again, which I definitively will, I will make these ones larger.
 Now, I do have a blue fabric which I planned to make a dress of, but I am  thinking...maybe another pair?

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