Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treasure in the basement
Last weekend I went down to the basement to get a few things, and my eyes fell - like so many times before - on a dress that I made somewhere around 1994 I think. I was invited to a big party and the dress code was "Gala" - so I had to come up with something interesting...

 I found this pattern which is basically a knee length dress, and on top of that a long skirt, open in the front.

I was very proud of my dress when I finally got it ready, and although it has now been hanging in different basements (about 15 since I have moved a lot) and has not been ironed for a very long time I still love the fabric and the colours.
The big question is only - how on earth did I get into it? I can not remember ever being such a small size.....

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