Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chanel in the spring
Just a few days ago it was -10 degrees Celcius, and I really did not think that spring was going to show up any time now. Walking through Zurich late this afternoon though made me think - maybe! The temperature was around 1-2 degrees Celcius again, and the snow was almost gone already (luckily the snow in the mountains is still there).
Maybe the cold will come back again for a while but it will get warmer and lighter - which will be perfect conditions for wearing the Chanel inspired dress just finished.
Although difficult to see, the fabric is blue - almost black - with thin stripes in purple and orange. Might sound a bit strange, but the stripes are very thin so it works well. 

Decided not to put any lining in the sleeves, we will see how that works out. Added a couple of buttons, for no other reason than looking nice.

Details of the pleats, which were not opened as planned, but left closed - think this looks nicer.

The last detail for the zipper in the back - not really Chanel, but fun!

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