Saturday, February 4, 2012

In between project
So - did I finish off the dress that I have 
hanging in my sewing room since some 
time now?

No, of course not - although I really want 
to finish it, I still decided to go for an in- 
between project - a pair of trousers for the 
man in the house. (Funny how easy it is to 
get excited over new projects and how 
difficult it sometimes is to finish of old ones...)

I have had the fabric lying around since we 
visited the nephew in Boston last october - 
it is a lovely, soft kind of tartan fabric (yes, 
he likes this kind of fabric almost as much 
as I do). I found the fabric at 
Winmil fabric, Boston MA 

Although they are basically meant to be worn as pajama pants they pattern of course still has to fit - being somewhat obsessive about this I am not happy until the squares are well aligned. This turned out to be easy - I did not even have to tack the fabric together  - it stayed perfectly in place with needles only. And here is the result:

So far the partner seems happy - he is wearing them as I write this :-)

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