Monday, October 31, 2011


Since I am spending part of the week in Vienna, due to work, I decided to check out what can be found here when it comes to fabric - a great deal it turned out. Komolka seems to be the place to go when you want to find great fabric here - I visisted one of the 3 shops, the one on Mariahilferstrasse 58.

Für eine grössere Darstellung bitte anklicken!Für eine grössere Darstellung bitte anklicken!
Herzlich willkommen bei KOMOLKA Stoffe!I had read online that the fabric was expensive and
the personnel not exactly charming, and both of this
seemed to be correct, but it is still definitively worth
a visit. There is a large collection of high class wool
fabric in very interesting colours - lime anyone?

And if I ever want to make a fantastic evening dress -
this is the place to find the fabric - what I saw here
when it came to luxury fabric I have seen in very few

They also have a large collection of velvet, in the
greatest of coulours. It is not overly priced so I
might come back here during my next trip, most
likely November, to buy some black and royal blue
velvet for nice party dresses.



Anonymous said...

Hej, nu må jag säga att hon är aktiv. Du har snart inventerat alla affärer som säljer tyg i större delen av världen. Det ser spännande ut om man jämför med vad vi har i Linköping.

Anonymous said...

Jag gör mitt bästa!