Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mood fabrics

The idea was to spend a looong time at Mood fabrics in New York, and buy a lot of great fabrics to bring home. Reality sometimes kicks in though ,so it turned out as follows - I only spent 15 minutes there - at the end of a very long day, full of museums, bus travel and walking along the streets of New York. So, I really did not have time to find the fabric that I wanted - I wanted so many of them ...

It was not so easy to find the shop, but luckily my man is a good friend of Google maps, so we managed to find it at last, but it is on the 3rd floor with no signs to show so you have to look closely.

It was as I thought - huge!! Lots and lots of nice fabric as well as stuff to use when sewing - so at least I managed to buy something - pattern weights! Remember something similar from a long time ago, but do not think I have ever seen it in a shop since then - but now I got a few of those, and in nice colours as well  (the pink and lilac ones).

Next time I will plan my day better so I have a couple of hours at least, and I will take a bigger luggage with me - it turned out that the one I had would really have been to small anyway...

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