Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is always room for another dress....

Next project to finalize before starting anything new is this dress. I am almost there, which is good since it is getting colder. The idea is to wear it with a nice blue turtleneck (might have to look for one that works with the shoes...). 

The shoes I already have - it was quicker to get them home than to finish off the dress - so I should hurry up before the snow comes - they are not really made for bad weather...(although wait a minute, didn't I just say that I wanted to have the dress ready for cold weather - maybe they have boots in this colour as well?)

The pattern comes from Burda, nr. firstrow-703-DL, I do believe that my dress looks a bit different than on the picture though, especially the upper part is much shorter on the photo than in real life. I also choose to do it less tight, believe this will be more comfortable when sitting in the office. 

(and when I said I have to finish off the dress before starting anything new I wasn't really telling the truth - I did cut the fabric for a skirt already...using the fabulous pink and lilac pattern weights that I found at Mood in New York)


Kirsty said...

WOW - loving the dress - cant wait to see it when its finished - but OMG the shoes !! What beautiful shoes ! More than a little jealous ;-) x

Sew Country Chick said...

It looks like you are doing a beautiful job on your dress and the shoes are really nice too like Kristy says. I hope you stop by next week to post your finished creation!
Justine @
 Sew Country Chick

carin said...

Thanks - will do my best to get a picture of the finished dress in - including the shoes of course!