Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Making a skirt out of a shirt

My partner had a very nice shirt, but one day he discovered a stain on it...which could not be removed by washing it. 
So, what is a girl to do? 
Why not make a skirt out of it? 
Said and done - work started, which meant all pieces were taken apart. 

After that two pieces were cut out for the skirt.

The top 12 cm were prepared to make it possible just to sew down the top 6 cm, without making an extra waist band. The buttons/buttonholes were left intact.

The last thing I did was to cover the stain - the reason why all this happened in the first place - by moving the pocket a bit. 

Think it worked out really well!

1 comment: said...

Det var ingen dum ide. En snygg sommarskjol. Trolleri.