Monday, August 27, 2012

Time to use the sewing machine again...
Since I had to work in Lugano last weekend, there was no time for fabric and thread - although I was not really complaining...except that it was maybe too hot for my swedish genes.
View from the hotel

Luckily there was no need to work this weekend so finally I could continue with the last summer projects, before it is time to get going with something suited for a colder climate. Although it is still 26.5 degrees Celsius in the sewing room it was acceptable to work.
The project to be finalised today was a pair of trousers, with the fabric being a very nice cotton from Toronto.

 I can see a lot of possibilities to wear these trousers, but one of my favourites will probably be to wear it with this top, a kind of jacket that I found in New York last autumn, at the Off Broadway boutique , and for which I have had some difficulties to find the right match.


Zoé said...

Gorgeous outfit - I'm thinking of making some trousers like that... just as soon as I get my sewing machine fixed. :)

carin said...

Thank you!