Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally some free time
After a couple of busy weeks - at last I had some time to get going with my sewing projects again. The first thing to do was to finish off two projects that had been lying around for the last weeks, starting with a sleeveless tunic for the summer, made be a red really heave linen fabric.

 The pattern originally had small sleeves, but it was not really comfortable so I decided to remove them and finish off with these nice bands instead.

 After the tunic was ready it was time to move on to a pair of trousers - made of a lightweight corduroy in a blue/green color (the pictures does not really show the color correctly). I used the pattern I had recently used for my Barcelona trousers and it worked very well also for this fabric.

 Now what I need to do is to go pattern-hunting, would really like to find a nice tunic-pattern for the summer...

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