Sunday, December 18, 2011

No more sewing before christmas...
Planned to maybe finish off a skirt today,  but I had to do a few other things first....and suddenly that happened what often happens - the day was over. I guess the skirt will be hanging on my blue friend until the 29th of December ,when I am back in Switzerland again. 
Luckily my boss decided that our office will be closed over christmas and new year so I do not have to go to work until the 3rd of January 2012.

Well, well I guess the skirt I finished off for last christmas will work well this year as well. 

And I have of course the Mrs Santa Claus dress that I 
finished last weekend, and for which I found something 
nice to wear around my neck - adding even more color. 
I bought the scarf some years ago in Dubai, and I have 
never used has been hanging in my sewing room 
since then, looking nice. Now it will actually be useful, 
which is great.

So, what will I do for a whole week in Sweden, 
without my sewing machine? 
Well, although I did not find yarn for a sweater yet - 
I did find a nice blue one to make something warm 
for my neck. This way I will keep my hands busy at 
least part of the time...

With only three days left until my flight take off for Sweden I am wondering how the weather will be - will it be as much snow as last year?

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Gunvor said...

Blir ingen snö i år...